Thursday, November 17, 2005

WISA 2006 Official information!

From: Febuary 06 to Febuary 12 2006
Where: Plein Air Ville-Joie, 11441, W Notre-Dame, Trois-Riviere (Pointe du Lac sector) QC, G9B 6W5

Access to the site: 5$ per person or 10$ per family
Price for a week from Monday to Sunday: 468 $CDN + taxes per person double occupancy. Includes access to the site, 3 meals per day and sleep over(from Monday supper to Sunday dinner).
Price for the weekend: 243 $CDN + taxes per person double occupency. Includes access to the site, 3 meals per day and sleep over(from Friday supper to Sunday dinner).
Organized by: Les Aventures du Lac St-Pierre et ses environs (St-Pierre Lake and surrounds Adventures).
Major sponsor: Wax Design
Inscription fees for the races: 99 $CND

Payment by credit cards will be accepted
Reserve early because places are limited !!

Monday, November 14, 2005

WISSA 2007 Notice!

At this time we do NOT have any firm proposals from Europe for 2007! If you have been wanting to get the WISSA World Championships to come to your country, the time to apply is now. We will be accepting suggestions by email in advance of the 2006 WC in Trois Rivieres, but it is necessary to present any formal proposals at the W.I.S.S.A. meeting during the event.


William Tuthill informs:

There has been a change of venue for the WISSA 2006 Ice and Snow Sailing World Championships. The event has been moved to Trois Rivieres, Quebec, about 60 km east of Montreal. The accommodations are situated directly on the lake - meals are included. Stand by for information with more details.

Lac St. Pierre is huge, frozen and very windy. It is an ideal set up for an event of this type. The organizers have been hard at work since leaving Finland in March. They are good people with a lot of experience, so we can expect a first rate event.