Monday, September 26, 2011

STS is coming to the USA in 2012

A cool wind is blowing thru the world of windsurfing, and with it comes a fresh new way of racing. Developed in Latvia, the Short Track Slalom (STS) takes place on plowed ice. It packs more action into a tight space than any other form of wind powered competition.

A system of quick starts, rapid heats, and instant results makes racing dynamic and compelling. The close quarters and high speeds are spellbinding for sailors and spectators alike. Precision jibing, lightning acceleration and dramatic crashes are standard fare for this extraordinary new discipline. Think of it as a cross between sailing and short track speed skating.

The venue (a plowed area 200x200 meters) is a simple matter in cold climates. The small size, easy containment, and high action density make the STS a natural for the new world of spectators and media.

Get ready!