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WISSA 2010: Fresh information!

In addition to three traditional races (course, speed, marathon) and Quebec Cup in freestyle there will be a


This kind of race is getting more and more popular and becoming the most attractive show of all.

Dare to try?

WISSA 2010: Q&A

I have recently received some questions at about up coming competition.

Here they are with the answers from Will and Ben in my interpretation.

The rules indicate all events are stand up

True, this is stated to forbid any kinds of ice boats in the competition. They are generally faster and very unsafe when combined with any of the "stand-up" classes.

I hope I can be allowed to enter events.

In previous Championships there were always 2-3 competitors on some curious devices that would not fit into any of the class. In such cases it was always up to the Racing Committee to decide which class to put them in and if they are scored or not. I have forwarded your question to the Organizers in Quebec and will update you here. In any case no one coming was ever disappointed! :)

Is the main area of activity in front of the lodge with the ski resort behind it?

I have no idea, frankly. This is a new race spot, I have never been there. There is some kind of ski resort near by but you better consult wit the locals (I have posted your question to them but you are welcome to ask directly, all contact info is here.

Will there be any kind of a real freestyle - competition or will it be only for attraction and the main thing will be racing?

Freestyle noted for Feb.26-27 is not part of WISSA competition but a local event which welcomes WISSA competitors to join in. I do not know if this event is a a real competition or just fun.

The official disciplines for WISSA 2010 as declared by the organizers are:

1. Course race (up to 12 runs)
2. Speed trials (up to 3 runs)
3. Marathon.

All of those are dependent on the weather and ice/snow conditions and may be reviewed, modified and extended by the organizers. It seems that freestyle is suitable only to the kiter's class and the rest of the disciplines are common to all WISSA classes. However nothing forbids the organizers to have WISSA 2010 Freestyle World Championship if they choose to.

According to the reply I've got from the Ben, the freestyle event will be a stage of the 19th Open Cup of Quebec. It coincides with WISSA 2010 and run by the same people. Everyone is welcome to take part in Quebec Cup which final stage will happen a couple weeks after WISSA 2010 at Deux Montagnes lake near Montréal.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

WISSA 2010: Official invitation

You can download the official Invitation to 2010 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championship following this link.

You can download the official Notice of Race for 2010 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championship following this link.

WISSA2010 Notice of Race



28 février/ 6 mars 2010

Ville Saguenay (La Baie), Québec, Canada




28 of February/ 6 march, 2010

Saguenay city (La Baie), Québec, Canada





Le 30e Championnat du monde se tiendra dans le cadre de l’évènement Freestyle At’Traction qui aura lieu du 26 février au 7 mars; cependant les compétions de la Wissa se dérouleront entre le 28 février et le 6 mars à Ville Saguenay (La Baie), Québec, Canada.

The 30th World Championship will be held from Monday February 28th to Saturday March 6th 2010, during the Freestyle At’Traction event which will be from February 26 to March 7 at Saguenay City (La Baie), Québec, Canada.





Le Championnat est organisé par Zone Turbulence qui agit comme l’Autorité Organisatrice Locale (AOL) en collaboration avec Concept Air, au nom et sous la gouverne de la World Ice Snow Sailing Association (WISSA).

The Championship is organized by Zone Turbulence inc. as the Local Organizing Authority (LOA) for and on behalf of with a Concept Air collaboration, and under specified conditions laid down by the World Ice Snow Sailing Association (WISSA).





L’évènement se déroulera sur le site de course prévu près du chapiteau situé sur la glace à Saguenay (La Baie)

The event will take place at the race spot on the big tent on La Baie


Saguenay (La Baie) est situé à 450 km au nord-est de Montréal, l’aéroport international Trudeau étant le plus près.

Saguenay City (La Baie) is 450 km North-East from Montréal, the nearest international airport.





Les règles de course pour voiliers (RCV) 2005-2010 de la Fédération Internationale de Voile (ISAF) et l’Annexe B – Planches à voiles.

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) 2005-2010 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and Appendix B – Windsurfing


Les règlements de la WISSA.

The WISSA Rules


L’avis de course (AdC) et les instructions de course (IdC).

This Notice of Race (NoR) & the Sailing Instructions (SI)


Les instructions de courses peuvent être modifiées à la réunion des coureurs.

The Sailing Instructions may be altered at skippers meetings


Les règlements de la WISSA et les instructions de courses seront disponibles lors de l’enregistrement.

The WISSA Rules and Sailing Instructions will be available at registration and check-in


Les coureurs doivent participer aux cérémonies d’ouverture et de clôture ainsi qu’à la remise des prix.

Competitors shall attend the opening & closing ceremonies, including the prize giving.





Traîneau: Tout type de traîneau, le coureur étant debout, avec un équipement de planche à voile.

Sled: Any sled, rider stands with windsurfing rig


Aile: Tout type d’aile tenue en main (sans lignes) et sans appui au sol.

Wing: All kinds of hand held wings (no lines) without any ground support


Cerf volant: Toute voile tenue par des lignes, cerfs-volants ou équivalent.

Kite: Overhead sails, all kite designs, parawings and similar.








Ouvert: Tout compétiteur (homme ou femme)

Open: All competitors (male or female)


Femme: Toute compétitrice féminine

Women: All female competitors





Jeune <19: né après le 11 février 1992

Youth <19: born after February 11, 1992


Maître 40–49: né avant le 11 février 1970

Master40–49: born earlier February 11, 1970


Grand Maître+50: né avant le 11 février 1960

Grand Master+50: born earlier February 11, 1960





Parcours: Jusqu’à douze (12) courses de divers parcours. Les parcours peuvent différer pour chaque classe. Un minimum de trois (3) courses est requis pour constituer le Championnat.

Course Races: Up to twelve (12) races of different course. Courses may varied for each class. A minimum of three (3) races is required for a valid Championship


Vitesse: Jusqu’à trois (3) passages. La vitesse sera mesurée avec un radar ou un système de GPS. Il n’y aura pas de classement de division.

Speed Trials: Up to tree (3) runs. Speed will be measured with a radar or a GPS system. There will be no division segregation in the speed trials


Course longue distance: Le parcours sera établi dans les IdC et à la réunion des coureurs.

Long Distance Marathon: Course and conditions to be determined in Sailing Instructions and skippers meeting.





Chaque compétiteur doit fournir son propre équipement.

All competitors shall bring their own equipment


La grandeur maximale des voiles de la classe ouverte est limitée à 7.5 m².

The maximum sail size for Sailboard class is restricted to 7.5 m².





Pour la classe ouverte, les lettres et numéros de voile doivent être conformes aux RCV Annexe G. Pour tous les coureurs, les dossards seront fournis par le comité organisateur.

For Sailboard class national letters & sail numbers shall be according to RRS Appendix G. For the competitor of all classes, numbered bibs/vests will be arranged by organizing committee.





Chaque compétiteur est responsable de participer le plus sécuritairement possible

It is the responsibility of each competitor to participate in the safest possible manner at all times


Le port du casque de sécurité est obligatoire

Helmets shall be worn during racing


Le port d’équipement de sécurité est recommandé.

Protective clothing is highly recommended.





Les compétiteurs participent à leurs propres risques. Voir RCV 4, Décision de courir. L’AOL, la WISSA ou leurs officiels ou représentants, les partenaires ou leurs officiels ou représentants ne sont pas responsables, sous aucune circonstance, pour tout dommage, perte ou blessure, sur terre ou sur la rivière pouvant survenir aux équipements ou aux personnes

Competitors take part in all races at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. The LOA, WISSA or any of their officials or representatives or the sponsors or their officials or representatives are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss or injury either ashore or on the sea either to persons or equipment, which may result


La participation à cet évènement, aux activités de soutien et à chaque course est à l’entière discrétion du compétiteur et à ses propres risques.

Participation in this event, supporting events and in each race is at the sole discretion of competitor and at his/her own risk.





Les courses se tiendront selon les IdC.

Courses shall be as prescribed in the SI.





Selon RCV Annexe A.

RRS Appendix A shall apply


Selon le système de points à minima de RCV Annexe A4.

The Low Point Scoring System of RRS Appendix A4 shall apply


Exclusion des scores selon RCV Annexe A2

Discards races as in RRS Appendix A2 shall apply





Ven 26 Fév ouverture de la Freestyle At’Traction, 10h 00 conférence de presse, inauguration du kite-parc et démo, 17h00 5 à 7 avec musique

Fri 26 Feb Opening Freestyle At’Traction event, 10h00 Press meeting, inauguration kite-parc and demo, 17h00 Happy hour with music


Sam 27 Fév. 7h30 à 11h30 inscription à la Freestyle At’Traction 11h00 à 16h30 descente symbolique du Fjord pour les journalistes. 5 à 7 sous le chapiteau et bouffe

Sat 27 mar 7h30 to 11h30 inscription at the Freestyle event, 11h00 Démo on the kite-parc, 11h00 to 16,30 a Press symbolic downhill on the Saguenay river, 17hoo Happy hour party


Dim 28 Fév. WISSA Arrivée et accueil des coureurs
10h à 15h Essais libres
17h15 Cérémonie d’ouverture au grand chapiteau! «Spécial 30e»
17h45 présentation du comité organisateur
18h15 buffet avec musique d’ambiance

Lun 1 mars: 9h00-16h00 inscription
13h00-16h00 entraînement / courses de pratique

Mar 2 mars: 9h30 Réunion des coureurs
11h00-16h00 3 à 4 courses - First possible start

Mer 3 mars: 9h30 Réunion des coureurs
11h00-16h00 3 à 4 courses - First possible start

Jeu 4 mars: 9h30 Réunion des coureurs
11h00-16h00 3 à 4 courses - First possible start

Ven 5 mars: 9h30 Réunion des coureurs
11h00-16h00 3 à 4 courses ou courses de vitesse ou longue distance

Sam 6 mar.: 9h30 Réunion des coureurs
11h00-16h00 3 à 4 courses ou courses de vitesse ou longue distance
16h30 fermeture des compétitions cocktail au sommet du Mont Bélu 16h30 parade souper Remise des prix

Dim 7 mars: 9h00 Brunch à l’Auberge de la Grande-Baie Départ

Sun, Feb. 28th:Wissa Competitors arrival
10-15:00 free ride
17:15 opening ceremony in the big tent (on the race spot) «Spécial 30e»
17:15 The organization committee presentation 18:15 buffet and music

Mon, Mar.1st: 9:00-16:00 registration
13:00-16:00 training/practicing races

Tue, Mar.2nd: 9:30 Skippers meeting
11:00-16:00 3 to 4 races - First possible start

Wed, Mar.3rd: 9:30 Skippers meeting
11h00-16h00 3 to 4 races - First possible start

Thu, Mar.4th: 9:30 Skippers meeting
11:00-16:00 3 to 4 races - First possible start

Fri, Mar.5th: 9:30 Skippers meeting
11:00-16:00 3 to 4 races or Speed trial or long distance Race

Sat, Mar.6th: 9:30 Skippers meeting
11:00-16:00 3 to 4 races or Speed trial or long distance Race
16:30 we will going on the top of Mt-Bélu to drink a appetizer, parade, dinner and
20:00 Prize giving ceremony

Sun, Mar.7th: 9:00 Brunch at l’Auberge de la Grande Baie: Departures





Une classe doit compter au moins cinq compétiteurs inscrits pour se qualifier pour un titre

A class will qualify for awards if there are at least five competitors registered


Une division doit compter au moins cinq compétiteurs inscrits pour se qualifier pour un titre

A division will qualify for awards if there are at least five competitors registered


Selon le nombre d’inscriptions, les médailles et trophées peuvent être décernés aux cinq premiers compétiteurs de chaque classe et de chaque division

Medals or trophies may be awarded up to the first five competitors in each Class and Division, depending on entry numbers


Les catégories de récompenses et le nombre de prix en jeu seront affichés sur le tableau d’affichage officiel (TAO) après la fermeture de la période d’inscriptions.

Awards categories and the actual number of prizes to be awarded in each properly constituted Division will be posted on the Official Notice Board (ONB) after the close of registration


Le premier compétiteur de chaque classe dans la division globale sera déclaré Champion Mondial de sa classe

The first man/woman in the each class in Overall Division shall be known as the Class World Champion.


La première Femme de chaque classe sera déclarée Championne Mondial de sa classe

The first Woman in the each class shall be known as the Class Women World Champion.


Le premier Jeune de chaque classe sera déclaré Champion Mondial Jeune de sa classe

The first Youth in the each class shall be known as the Class Youth World Champion.


Le premier Maître de chaque classe sera déclaré Champion Mondial Maître de sa classe

The first Master in the each class shall be known as the Class Master World Champion.


Le premier Grand-Maître de chaque classe sera déclaré Champion Mondial Grand-Maître de sa classe.

The first Grand Master in the each class shall be known as the Class Grand Master World Champion.





Des reconnaissances seront décernées aux trois meilleurs compétiteurs de chaque classe pour la course longue distance (sans égard aux divisions)

Special prizes will be awarded to the best three competitors in Long Distance Marathon race in each class (No Divisions but Overall only)


Des reconnaissances seront décernées aux trois meilleurs compétiteurs de chaque classe pour la course de vitesse (sans égard aux divisions).

Special prizes will be awarded to the best three competitors in Speed Trial in each class (No Divisions but Overall only).





En s’enregistrant à cet évènement, chaque compétiteur autorise pour toujours l’AOL à réaliser, utiliser et diffuser à sa discrétion des photos, films ou autres et toute reproduction de ceux-ci, pris durant l’évènement décrit dans l’AdC et les IC et ce, sans aucune compensation.

In registering for the event, competitors automatically grant to the LOA the right in for ever to make, use and show from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproduction of them, taken during the period of the event as defined in NoR and SI in which he/she participates without compensation.





L’hébergement se fera dans l’un ou l’autre des endroits suivants: Auberge des Battures ou Auberge de la Grande-Baie.

Accommodation will be held at Auberge des Battures ( or Auberge de la Grande-Baie (


Il y aura aussi la possibilité d’héberger dans les Gîtes du passant ainsi que dans des dortoirs, ceux-ci seront bientôt indiqués sur notre site Internet.

You will can live on Bed and Breakfast and dormitory, link available o the web site, soon.


Le transport entre le site de compétition et l’hébergement sera assuré par le comité organisateur

Transportation between race site and lodging will be provided by the organizing committee


Toutes les informations pour les réservations seront diffusées sur le site Internet très bientôt.

Information for reservation will be displayed on the web site very soon.





L’aéroport international de Montréal offre un large éventail de vols en provenance de l’Europe et des Etats-Unis, vous trouverez facilement une correspondance pour l’aéroport de Bagotville qui est à 15 minutes du lieu de course,

A wide range of scheduled flights are available from all over Europe and USA to the Montréal international airport, and many flight to Bagotville airport are available each day


Les compétiteurs doivent assurer leur transport jusqu’à l’aéroport local (Bagotville) ou les gares de train (Jonquière) et d’autobus (Chicoutimi). Lien intéressant.

Competitors must arrange their transportation to and from the local airport (Bagotville) or bus(Chicoutimi) and train station (Jonquière) Interesting link


Toutes les informations pour les réservations seront diffusées sur le site Internet très bientôt.

Information for reservation will be displayed on the web site very soon


Le comité organisateur assurera gratuitement le transport à partir de l’aéroport local de Bagotville ou les gares de train de Jonquière et d’autobus de Chicoutimi jusqu’au site d’hébergement pour les compétiteurs et leur équipement si ceux-ci fournissent leur horaire de transport avant le 1er février 2010.

Organizing committee will arrange free transportation from the Bagotville local airport or Chicoutimi bus and train station Jonquière to the accommodation site for equipment, competitors and support personnel for free if the competitors send their transportation details at latest on February 1st 2010 to organizer.





Le bureau d’inscription durant l’évènement sera situé sur le site course de Ville La Baie.

The registration office during the event will situate in the race spot at La Baie


Pour toute demande d’information avant l’évènement, les adresses sont diffusées sur le site Internet très bientôt

For more information before the event and to make enquiries, find addresses on the web site very soon


Pour compléter leur enregistrement, les compétiteurs devront fournir les documents suivants:

Competitors will be required to produce the following, prior to completing registration formalities on site:


Le formulaire d’inscription original;

Original Regatta Entry Form


Une preuve d’assurance civile

Evidence of valid third party insurance


Une autorisation parentale pour les jeunes de moins de 18 ans

Parental/legal Guardian Assent – for those under age of 18


Une preuve d’âge

Proof of age





Les frais d’inscription à l’évènement seront fixés à 255 $ CAD (210 $ CAD avant le 1er février 2010 et 240 $ CAD du 2 au 22 février 2010) et incluent: 10 $ CAD de remise à la WISSA, les lunchs du midi pour chaque jour de course, 4 soupers, un brunch et les taxes. Nous attendons confirmation de prix de certains fournisseurs, beaucoup Plus d’info sur le site Internet, très bientôt. Merci de votre patience.

The entry fee paid on site of event is 255 $ CAD (210 before February 1st, 240 $ Feb. 2nd – 22nd) include 10 $CDN donation to WISSA, daily lunches every racing, 4 diners (supper) and one brunch included. We are waiting about confirmation of some dealer. Much more information on the web site very soon. Thanks for your patience.


- 1 -

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WISSA 2010: Program of the Event

Place Place the 30th city to be WISSA Saguenay (Baie des Ha Ha!), Quebec, Canada.

It is certain that the final version of the programming will be translated into Français.


Friday, February 26: Opening of the kite park, friendly race track groomed (all day) and free trials. In the evening, cocktail and music under the tent.

Saturday, February 27: Freestyle Attraction activities (kiteparc, groomed and kite), family games, evening show, beer and cock

Sunday, February 28: Home Athletes and free tests.
  • 17h15 Opening Ceremony 30th Anniversary Special and Dinner.
Monday, March 1:
  • 9hr to 12hr Registration WISSA, take 2. Free practice. Match Soccer Snow, Autograph and interviews with athletes (journalists and public).
Tuesday, March 2: 
  • 9hr to 10hr free trials. 
  • 10hr to 10h30 meeting of riders and officials. 
  • 10h30 to 16hr competition (for the family ice skating and baseball). 
  • 18h30 We're going to see a professional hockey game:)
Wednesday, March 3:
  • 9hre to 10hre free trials. 
  • 10hr to 10h30 riders meeting and official.
  • 10h30 to 16hr competition begins (Family Triathlon snow skiing Mount Bélu). 
  • 18hr to 20hr movie kite!
Thursday, March 4:
  • 9hre to 10hre Free Practice
  • 10hre to 10h30 the riders meeting and official
  • 10h30 to 16hr competition (family for ice fishing and taffy Maple.
  • 17hr to 19hr Dinner 20th Anniversary of Air Concept.
  • 19hr speaker
Friday, March 5:
  • 8h30 to 9hr free trials. 
  • 9hr to 9h30 Meeting. 
  • 9h30 at 16h30 competition (for the family rally in the village of ice, and jump "hooked").
  • 1717h00 dinner tourtière of Lac-St-Jean. 
  • 19hre: Release kite night
Saturday, March 6:
  • 9h30 Meeting of course. 
  • 10hr to 16hr competition (long distance and speed run) activities freestyle (for family, putting and jump addicts).
  • 16h30 cocktail at the top of Mount Bélu.
  • 18h30 scrolled Athletes. 
  • 19hr evening closure of music, show and more ....

Sunday, March 7:
  • 9hr to 11hr Farewell Brunch.
  • 11h00 at 15h30 activities freestyle (kite park, groomed and free kite).
  • 16hr : END
  • Childcare available
  • Games Inflatable known place and acrobatic trampoline
  • Test kite
  • Groomed and kite park

This information was received from Quebec on Sep.16th. It is published with minimal editing - just formatting. I am still awaiting for the responses to the following questions:

1. Is this information official?
2. Is this information final? (it has been a month since the info was sent out)
3. Who represents the Organizing Committee? (a person and/or organization reference for Canada Immigration clearance)
4. Official address and contact information for Organizing Committee?
5. Do you have Notice of Race? (classes information, race programs, age groups, awards categories)
6. Do you have Race Rules? (WISSA rules or WISSA-referencing)
7. Accommodation information and special rates?
8. Transportation from Airport to the race site information?
9. Sponsors information? (to avoid conflict of interest with foreign sponsors)
10. Media information? (coverage, exclusivity of rights on video-photo coverage - also for foreign sponsors)
I will be publishing all updates as they arrive.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

ZHIGMORE 2010 Invites!

Dear Snow Kiters!

You are invited to take part in the biggest snow kiting marathon event in the world on Zhiguli Sea, Russia, from Feb.1 to Feb.7, 2010.

The recent "Zhiguli Sea 2009" marathon was the battle field of more than 100 competitors representing 26 regions of Russia, Estonia and Ukraine.

The race runs on the ice of man-made Zhiguli Sea of Volga River, City of Tolyatti, Samara Region. Besides the marathon race of 40-50km there will be a free-style event and speed trials. Kite skiers will be competing separately from kite snowboarders.

Participants will be accommodated in the Sadko hotel situated just 300m away from the start line.

Samara city international airport Kurumoch (KUF/UWWW) is 40km away from the hotel and can be reached directly by the foreign participants.

Excursions and entertainment are planned by the Organizing Committee for all participants.

Additional information will be published on the web site and duplicated at WISSA.ORG in English.

Please send your questions directly to the Chief Organizer Alexey Rajev.

Dibutil: This might be a great opportunity to evaluate the conditions of the new pretender for the WISSA 2011 host. Also a warm-up before WISSA 2010! Everyone is welcome.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some news from Anapa

By V.Zakharov

Translated by Dibutil


The Black Sea Cup has started its kiting program. Today we had course races and freestyle competition.

The major news is: There is WIND here!

And what a wind! Yesterday while training a Kahoona-7 in zenith was lifting a not-so-small fella couple meters up by just pulling the bar. Nines were a little bit too much. For the first time in my life I have seen 4-5 meter kites on the water.

In short, some gusts were up to 17m/s (35 knots - Dibutil). I even started thinking about a 7-m kite for myself..

One could see a real advancement of the kiting in Russia: with such wind there were 40-60 kites on the water. The water here is very funny: you fall a mile off the shore and... hit the bottom of the sea with your favorite body part. This is the best place for newbies and learning - huge shallow areas and absolute no surf at any wind. Here you can push for speed until your eyes are blown away!

There is three of our guys here (from Novosibirsk - Dibutil) - Alex Palekhin, Mila Polyakova and me. Everyone decided to go for couse-race as the most eye-catching, prospective and popular kind of water kiting :-) Let me be forgiven by Uncle Nick (a free-styler - Dibutil) who spent couple years learning handle-passes, but this joke has some truth in it!

Points, places - this will come later. We are enjoying the race with good chances for results. Racing at 10-14m/c (20-30 knots - Dibutil) are so exciting that the real competiotion matters no more. But with no doubt we will do our best!

Today we had four races - overfiled with impressions. Not sure how many people raced - around 30.

The race course is a dream! First, about 2km of sharp half-wind (not everyone can cut it to the mark). Then the same 2km back but very fast to the starting mark. Then 2km of pure upwind tacking and finally down-wind to finish.

The race on the backstay courses is something amazing. Pilots and kites are falling, while trying to reach the usual winter speed. Why winter? Because the top of the racers are coming to here to Anapa from the winter protocols.

Alexey Rajev (the Race Master) deserves our great respect. He manages all marks, starts and finishes. At the average depth of water of 1m it is easier to move marks walking through the water without touching the anchored boat.

The wind is promised for five more days (God, help it be true!) It is so great here!

Freestylers are raving! Looks like they are coming to double-passes...

Watch for more news. I will try to post in the evenings if will be able to stay away from delicious Kuban wines at $3 per liter...


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Black Sea Cup 2009

Russian Championship in kite boarding "Black Sea Cup 2009" is taking place in Anapa on September 21-27, 2009.

As usually the awards will be given to the best of professional racers, amateurs and women. For the first time in Russia kiting Course Race and Slalom competitions will run on the Black Sea Cup. If weather permits the KiteLoop show will be performed.

The total prize pool for the Freestyle discipline is 150,000 rub (approx. US$5,000). Course Race, Slalom and KiteLoop winners will get valuable prizes from the partners of the Championship.

Three times WISSA Champion, renowned winter sailor Alexei Rajev is appointed as a Race master for the Course Race and Slalom.

Sources:, Kitensk

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lac Saint-Jean

by William Tuthill

19 April on Lac Staint-Jean near Chicoutimi, Quebec - near the site of WISSA 2010. This area has a very different climate from other parts of Quebec such as Montreal and Quebec City. Winters are long, and spring offers lots of sailing in warmer temperatures and steady winds.

This is Kite designer and builder Benoit Tremblay. Notice that the ice goes on and on all the way out over the horizon.

The little ones often go along for the ride. One day they will be kiters too.

Lake Minnewanka in Banff, Alberta

by William Tuthill

This is 18 April on Lake Minnewanka in Banff, Alberta.

24 inches [60 cm] of ice so hard that it is buckled like an alligator's back. There is so much cold stored in this slab that even above freezing temperatures have barely etched the surface. The lake is drained and that causes banked edges. In one place where the ice was trapped between warm air and a concrete ramp, the ice had candled into vertical honeycomb structures. I tried to pick up a handful and carry it to the car a short distance away, but the cold was so intense that it stung my skin. At present, more cold is on its way with some snow mixed in to keep the sun's rays from doing any damage. :-)))
WISSA 2001 organizer Barney Kenney moved to Alberta from Saskatchewan a few years ago, and has sent photos taken in May before. It is one thing to see pictures, and something very different to go there in person. I recommend it to ANYONE!
As we descended the mountains heading towards Calgary, we saw places where open water had re frozen. There will be ice on this, and other high mountain lakes for several more weeks! World class skiing is available throughout May.

This is Barney's new foot steering sled. It carves just like a short board in water.

The custom made skis are capable of sailing in deep snow. The front skis turn and the back ski tracks.

On the one day that we had available to sail, there was almost no wind. The Concept Air Freestyle 5.5 meter was flying, but only if it could be whipped around. The windsurfing rig only got moving a few times. After we left, the wind came up and blew hard for several days. Typical.

This is a VERY fast surface!