Tuesday, April 01, 2008


SIBHOLOD - Siberian Cold, the company producing chillers is proud to announce that in order to prove that they are the biggest cold factory in the world the Guinnes World Record will be established. In the middle of the summer 2008 SibHolod is going to freeze a big part of the man-made Ob' Sea. The planned frozen area will about 20km in diameter and will span from the Novosibirsk river dam to Berdsk City.

It was decided that this area is sufficient in size to accommodate several events including the most popular national winter activities: ice-fishing competition, skiing marathon and WISSA 2008-2 Championship!

The organizers are expecting up to 100 athletes for each of the disciplines and will cover all travel and accommodation expenses. The invitations will be sent on request. In your request please provide your name, nationality, WISSA class you will be competing in and reference your results in your three most recent WISSA competitions.

Hurry up! Everyone wants free winter vacation in the middle of the summer!