Thursday, November 05, 2009

WISSA 2010: Fresh information!

In addition to three traditional races (course, speed, marathon) and Quebec Cup in freestyle there will be a


This kind of race is getting more and more popular and becoming the most attractive show of all.

Dare to try?

WISSA 2010: Q&A

I have recently received some questions at about up coming competition.

Here they are with the answers from Will and Ben in my interpretation.

The rules indicate all events are stand up

True, this is stated to forbid any kinds of ice boats in the competition. They are generally faster and very unsafe when combined with any of the "stand-up" classes.

I hope I can be allowed to enter events.

In previous Championships there were always 2-3 competitors on some curious devices that would not fit into any of the class. In such cases it was always up to the Racing Committee to decide which class to put them in and if they are scored or not. I have forwarded your question to the Organizers in Quebec and will update you here. In any case no one coming was ever disappointed! :)

Is the main area of activity in front of the lodge with the ski resort behind it?

I have no idea, frankly. This is a new race spot, I have never been there. There is some kind of ski resort near by but you better consult wit the locals (I have posted your question to them but you are welcome to ask directly, all contact info is here.

Will there be any kind of a real freestyle - competition or will it be only for attraction and the main thing will be racing?

Freestyle noted for Feb.26-27 is not part of WISSA competition but a local event which welcomes WISSA competitors to join in. I do not know if this event is a a real competition or just fun.

The official disciplines for WISSA 2010 as declared by the organizers are:

1. Course race (up to 12 runs)
2. Speed trials (up to 3 runs)
3. Marathon.

All of those are dependent on the weather and ice/snow conditions and may be reviewed, modified and extended by the organizers. It seems that freestyle is suitable only to the kiter's class and the rest of the disciplines are common to all WISSA classes. However nothing forbids the organizers to have WISSA 2010 Freestyle World Championship if they choose to.

According to the reply I've got from the Ben, the freestyle event will be a stage of the 19th Open Cup of Quebec. It coincides with WISSA 2010 and run by the same people. Everyone is welcome to take part in Quebec Cup which final stage will happen a couple weeks after WISSA 2010 at Deux Montagnes lake near Montréal.