The World Ice and Snow Sailing Association [WISSA] Ice and Snow Sailing World Championships [ISSWC] is the longest running international competition in the sport of windsurfing - ironic given that windsurfing is a water sport.

The ISSWC got started in 1980, and WISSA officially formed at Worthsee, Germany in 1987. Originally, the organization was about windsurfing on ice and snow with various sleds powered by windsurfing rigs.

Estonia 1991 saw the first hand held sail, and Poland 1993 was the first official start for kites. Those two milestones make the WISSA ISSWC the longest running international competition for both hand held and kite sail racing as well as windsurfing!

WISSA defines “International” as having competitors from at least 5 countries.
The WISSA mission is to provide an international racing venue for the three classes:
  1. Open Class: Any sled powered by a windsurfing rig
  2. Hand Held: Any hand held sail such as kite wing or skate sail
  3. Kite Class: all sails tethered with lines
The further mission is to welcome all, to keep alive the wonderful tradition of international competition, friendship, and communication.

The spirit of the wind lives here. This is a place where individuals from all walks of life, and all parts of the world, join together to celebrate their passion for sailing on snow or ice. There are no restrictions or judgments - only enthusiasm and accommodation.