Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baie Des Ha!Ha! Closed.

Here is what I found:

To all the participants of the Québec cup or the 30th WISSA competition that will take place in Saguenay from the 26th of February to the 7th of March 2010.
On Friday February 19th, municipal and governmental authorities closed the Baie des Ha! Ha! for various considerations . All activity on the Baie des Ha !Ha ! has been prohibited including snowkite. Fortunately, the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean offers many other excellent locations with amazing slidding conditions. All races will take place in different locations and all of the programmed activities will be maintained. For the moment to continue reserving your rooms at the hostels that were suggested. A bus service will be provided free of charge that will transport all competitors to the race sites. All activities will take place at the hostels as originally planned, and all information will circulate at these locations. We suggest that all competitors follow the evolution of the situation on our website and sign up to our newsletter. As of Tuesday new information will be posted on the website.

And here is the explanation:

Ice fishing is over on the Baie des Ha! Ha! this winter. Mild weather, the huge cracks in the ice and water on sites forced Fisheries and Oceans Canada to order the end of the season. The 1,400 cabins located in L'Anse-à-Benjamin and in the area of Great Bay had to be removed Monday. The operation began Saturday morning. The President of the Association of white peach of Great Bay, Richard Lavoie, had expressed doubts however about the possibility that all the cabins can be removed on Monday. He hoped that the ice bridges would take the blow. The municipal police of Saguenay has assigned additional officers this weekend in the Bay district. The fishing season was to end next March 12.

In the mean time start of a race in Russia (Zhigmore):

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WISSA 2010 at Lac St.Jean!

I do not know what happened but apparently the Championship location has changed. Please update your travel and accommodation plans!

Infolette received today:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zhigulevskoe More 010 Marathon and Championship of Russia Feb 8th

Press release by Aleksey Razhev and Elena Kocheva

Our contests came to a close on the 6th of February. Sunday’s forecast was rather poor, so the organizers decided to carry out only marathon and freestyle, because there wasn’t enough wind for slalom. The second marathon race in “kite skis” and “kite snowboard” classes (for windsurfers it was the first one) lay along the same distance as the day before.
By the starting time the temperature was 15 degrees below zero, the wind was northerly of 2-4 mps. Passing the first checkpoint of the way was quite easy for all the competitors. Then on the tack section the Volga wind drifted lots of surprises. At the moment it faded, at another became stronger again on different sections, this “northerly fellow” tested pilots’ skills of changing fast the tactical race pattern. Isn’t it hard to ride among leaders and especially to lead them! The racing avant-garde first faced the wind holes, and those who followed got very useful pieces of information for changing tacks opportunely. Another useful skill for riders is the ability to move forward with total lack of wind using skating stride. Though some competitors were not skilled enough to struggle with calm, and the rescue group evacuated them only in early twilight. The marathon started at 12:23 and ended at 15:19.

Marathon. Second race.

Winter windsurfing
1 placement – Evgeny Mitrofanov (Monchegorsk)
2 placement – Valentin Drobyshevsky (Murmansk)
3 placement – Dmitriy Samoilov (Tumen’)

Kite skis
1 placement – Dmitry Nikulichev (Petrozavodsk)
2 placement – Maksim Ignatov (Murmansk)
3 placement - Roman Lubimtsev (Sankt-Petersburg)

Kite snowboard
1 placement - Aleksey Pavlov (Yaroslavl)
2 placement – Kamil’ Khuzin (Naberezhnye Chelny)
3 placement – Igor Zakhartsev (Samara)

Freestylers were about to carry out all “double” (Double elimination system). It was short of nearly 10 minutes for snowboarders to run the final heat because Nikolai Rakhmatov and Alexander Gryanik were taken up with their duel. There still remained a hope of the wind to become stronger on Sunday.
According to specialized weather forecast site, on Sunday we were waiting for south wind of 2 mps. Usually in the Championship venue forecasts are confirmed, and it really blows on 4-5 mps! That’s why the Racing Committee was buying time to the last in the hope of showy contests final. But the wing appeared at nearly 5 pm only when competitors were about to depart.
Award ceremony was held in bar-restaurant “Zhara” (“Heat”), an official partner of the Championship. Participants greeted everybody who walked up the stage for being awarded with medals, certificates, and worth prizes. By the way, the prize fund of contests in terms of hard cash was 400 000 rubles. Triumpher of the day was master Aleksey Pavlov from Yaroslavl – he walked up the stage for getting 1st placement medal four times! Aleksey won in kite-snowboard class in all kinds of programs and was the best of masters. The big event of award ceremony was the draw game b/n competitors in kite-skis class of a pair of superb freeride skis granted by Michael Kaspar. The treasured gift came to young competitor Aleksey Galiev from Nadym.
Right away the ceremony sportsmen hastily departed because of Monday’s work or study. Let’s point out that according to the results of the contests first five sportsmen in every nomination can submit documents for conferment as a Master of sport of Russia, and those who took placements from 6 to 9 – for conferment as Candidate in masters of sport.
As specified, in the Championship took part 142 sportsmen at the age of 15 to 54, 4 of them are from Ukraine, 1 from Belarus, 1 from Switzerland. In course race competed 119 riders, in marathon – 122, in freestyle – 22.
По результатам опросов участников многие уже запланировали себе на зимний сезон 2010-2011 поездку на «Жигулёвское Море-011», на Марафон, который ещё никто не выигрывал дважды. Что ж, пора начинать подготовку!
According to participants survey, many of them have already planned to take part in “Zhigulevskoe More-011” in winter season 2010-2011, take part in Marathon in which nobody had won twice. Well, it’s time to start training!


Course race

Winter windsurfing
1 place – Valentin Drobyshevsky (Murmansk)
2 place – Evgeny Mitrofanov (Monchegorsk)
3 place – Ivan Shabolitov (Archangelsk)

Masters (winter windsurfing)
1 place – Valentin Drobyshevsky (Murmansk)
2 place – Ivan Shabolitov (Archangelsk)
3 place – Vyacheslav Maltsev (Murmansk)

Kite skis
1 place - Roman Lubimtsev (Sankt-Petersburg)
2 place – Dmitry Nikulichev (Petrozavodsk)
3 place – Maksim Shaydakov (Yaroslavl)

Masters (kite skis)
1 place – Igor Lezinov (Yaroslavl)
2 place – Nikolay Nikolaev (Murmansk)
3 place – Yuriy Shuvalov (Moscow)

Kite snowboard
1 place – Aleksey Pavlov (Yaroslavl)
2 place – Aleksey Pimchenko (Minsk)
3 place - Alexander Melkozerov (Surgut)

Masters (kite snowboard)
1 place – Aleksey Pavlov (Yaroslavl)
2 place – Kamil’ Khuzin ((Naberezhnye Chelny)
3 place – Igor Zakhartsev (Samara)

Women event (kite skis)
1 place – Elena Shchuchkina (Khimki)
2 place – Eugenia Rakusheva (Togliatti)
3 place – Ludmila Polyakova (Novosibirsk)


Winter windsurfing
1 place – Evgeny Mitrofanov (Monchegorsk)
2 place – Valentin Drobyshevsky (Murmansk)
3 place – Dmitry Samoilov (Tumen’)

Masters (winter windsurfing)
1 place – Valentin Drobyshevsky (Murmansk)
2 place – Vyacheslav Maltsev (Murmansk)
3 place – Ivan Shabolitov (Archangelsk)

Kite skis
1 place – Dmitry Nikulichev (Petrozavodsk)
2 place – Maxim Ignatov (Murmansk)
3 place - Roman Lubimtsev (Sankt-Petersburg)

Masters (kite skis)
1 place – Dmitry Minaev (Moscow)
2 place – Yuriy Shuvalov (Moscow)
3 place – Igor Lezinov (Yaroslavl)

Women event (kite skis)
1 place – Ludmila Polyakova (Novosibirsk)
2 place – Anastasia Emets (Moscow)
3 place – Eugeniya Rakusheva (Togliatti)

Kite snowboard
1 place - Aleksey Pavlov (Yaroslavl)
2 place - Aleksandr Melkozerov (Surgut)
3 place – Vadim Dulin (Saint-Petersburg)

Masters (kite snowboard)
1 place - Aleksey Pavlov (Yaroslavl)

2 place – Kamil’ Khuzin ((Naberezhnye Chelny)
3 place – Igor Zakhartsev (Samara)

Kite skis
1 place – Anton Uzhegov (Perm’)
2 place – Anton Cherkashin (Moscow)
3 place – Sergey Samorukov (Tumen’)

Kite snowboard
1 place – Alexander Gryanik (Novosibirsk)
2 place – Nicholai Rakhmatov (Pitkyaranta, Kareliya)
3 place – Artem Garashchenko (Yekaterinburg)

Extra prizes passed to: Artem Garashchenko (Yekaterinburg) for best trick, junior Artem Trofimenko (winter windsutfing – marathon, course race) from Monchegorsk, junior Maxim Vyatkin (kite skis, course race) from Togliatti. Souvenirs from «FLYSURFER» company got all who competed on kites of this brand, and all the prize winners, despite their times on stage, got the pack of official contest drink “Adrenaline Rush”. Also Medical Health Centre “Zdorovoe pokolenie” (“Healthy generation”) made special mention of competitors from Togliatti. The most effective - Eugeniya Rakusheva and Dmitry Dmitriev (4th place in kite snowboard in marathon and course race) received client’s gift certificates, and other 11 sportsmen from Togliatti got gift certificates for guest visit (bathhouse, swimming pool, training simulators etc with no time limits).

In conclusion we’d like to thank all who worked at the Championship:

Judging panel:
Chief referee in race disciplines – Leonid Bubnov (Togliatti)
Chief secretary – Nataliya Milyukova (Togliatti)
Vice-chief referee - superior certified judge Aleksey Razhev (Togliatti, Fedorovka township)
RSAF commissar – superior certified judge Mikhail Kalinin (Moscow)
Protests committee chairman - superior certified judge Igor Maletin (Togliatti)
Referee under competitors – Anna Kazyaeva (Togliatti)
Secretary – Nataliya Agafonenok (Togliatti)
Secretary - Galina Lazdina (Togliatti)
Secretary – Irina Garifullina (Togliatti)
Distance referee – Ivan Kamaev (Togliatti)
Distance referee – Viktor Zemlyanuhin (Togliatti)
Distance referee – Mikhail Zemlyanuhin (Togliatti)
Distance referee – Igor Topinskih (Togliatti)
Umpire – Vladinir Pushkarev (Togliatti)
Umpire – Nataliya Kozyreva (Moscow)
Umpire – Mikhail Kolosovsky (Togliatti)
Referee – Dmitry Balashov (Samara)
Chief referee in freestyle – Vyacheslav Voroshilov (Moscow)
Referee in freestyle – Aleksey Sedyshev (Volzhsky, Volgograd region)
Referee in freestyle – Oleg Cherkashin (Moscow)

Press attache and judge-informer – Elena Kocheva (Togliatti)
Press service worker – Olga Vakhrusheva (Togliatti)
Camera operator – Alexander Ermolaev
Translator – Olga Shiryaeva (Togliatti)
Drivers: «Gazel’» Mikhail Zemlyanuhin,
«Nissan Navara» Eugeniya Rakusheva,
«Nissan Pathfinder» Mikhail Kolosovsky,
Snowmobile Igor Topinskih.

Official sites of competitions: ,
- Wind Kite Surf School "Sila Vetra", Togliatti
- yacht club "Khimik", Togliatti
- SAF of Togliatti
Co-organizer: "FAMOUS PROMO" company (Zhigulevsk)

They made our contests impressive and interesting:

Primary sponsor of the project: "KITEWORLD" company
Official drink: "Adrenaline Rush" – absolute energy!

Project car: "NISSAN NAVARA"
Sponsors: kite-centre «Zmeinoye logovo» (Moscow), «AEROS» company (Ukraine), «FLYSURFER» company, «APEKS» Samara company, LLC "ALPHA fire security", «Timeless» company (Moscow),«ParaAvis» company (Moscow), «Gidrasklad» company (Moscow), "PepsiCo Holdings" Samara company, kite club «Cabrina» (Moscow), kite club «» (Moscow), active rest base «Serfpriyut» (Dolzhanskaya, Krasnodarsky region), “F-one” company in Russia, “EZ boards” company.
Our partners: Restaurant-bar «Zhara», «InfoLada» company, Department of Tourism Development of Samara region,
Our famous radios: “Avgust” radio, “Radio 7” (Samara)
Main internet-partner:

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