Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ready to Compete!

Igor Renkas - the veteran of the sport had just completed his third set of racing ski rig and is now fully ready to compete at 2015 WISSA Championship. He is based at Toronto Windsurfing Club where he freelances as repair man and coach. Igor is very serious and is training hard to improve his chances of winning. 

Salute to thee true bearer of WISSA competitive spirit!

Friday, December 12, 2014


 Here is a promo video produced by a member of the organizing team at Fond du Lac.
Not much time left, so please make your plans, and don't forget to register now

Monday, December 01, 2014

                                              The gang at Kalajoki, Finland, 2013

Hello WISSA Friends
 At this time of year you are most likely hoping for reliable ice and good winds.  It soon will happen.  In fact, the WISSA-competition site for 2015 in Wisconsin, USA is already frozen.

William Tuthill and a few other WISSA-members (including myself) have been working with the organizing committee in Fond du Lac for almost a year.  Back in February we even tested the competition site on Lake Winnebago and also made sure the required infrastructure and competence for running the races are in place.  Over the past few months the organizers have done a truly impressive job preparing for the event.  They deserve our praise and admiration.  Between February 9-14, 2015 they also deserve success.

Lake Winnebago is located about 250 km north of Chicago.  The Lake gets very thick ice as well as clean winds (the shore has wind generator installations).  Equally important, we have been receiving solid support from the host community of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin from the very beginning.  We are also blessed to have motivated and experienced people in place to conduct the races.  In my judgment, WISSA-2015 has the potential to turn into one of the best world championships ever.

David,  I am very much looking forward to seeing you and your team members at the start line next year.  Also, please encouraging everyone you know to pre-register at

Greetings and kind regards from Lake Ontario,

Klaus Faisst

Have a look at this link. There is a weather tab on the site. -18C low temperature tonight!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Oxanna carves a beautiful turn on smooth Russian ice last season

But watch this short [46 second] video taken yesterday in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin- site of WISSA 2015

See you on the ice!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

22 November- Plymouth Pond. Maine- Cam Lewis, Kitewing
 Well not really. There is always ice somewhere, but this ice is first ice for New England.
 The organizers of    
reported smooth ice 10-12 cm thick last week on Lake Winnebago in Winsconsin.
 The time is fast approaching!
Here's hoping to see lots of folks in Fond du Lac Wisconsin for WISSA 2015

Monday, November 17, 2014

17 November 2014- Lake Winnebago NOW!


 This is a photo of Lake Winnebago today! Lake Winnebago   
 is so big that you can not see across it! And now it is frozen!!
 Let the games begin
Feodor Gurvits on a Hiberna Board
 Fish Lake Iceboards
will have 12 Hiberna Boards 
 available for rent at WISSA 2015.
If you are traveling from a long distance and do not want to carry your own Hiberna Board, you can still compete on the Short Track Slalom.
 You might still want to have your own rigs, but if not, contact Kevin at

You can come to WISSA traveling light, and still compete!

 See you on the ice.

Friday, November 07, 2014

few readers can identify this!
Thank you for the excellent video link. I still have that original video tape from Sami Tuurna. Back in the day, when folks "in the west" were getting started sailing on snow & ice using windsurfing rigs, there was a parallel universe "in the east".

 I will never forget 1991 in what was then the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic. I met individuals with whom I had been communicating for several years by means of the post office. I still have the double spaced letters typed out on a cryllic typewriter machine [that I wish I could own now] from friend Vasilly Laptev from Nickoliavsk- na- Amur in Russia's far east- over by Japan. We wrote many letters- always double spaced so that we could translate using a dictionary. We sent photos and stories back and forth from our distant locations

Eventually, in 1991, "east met west " at Valgerand, Estonia.  It was a life changing experience for me, and in many ways it was a turning point for the sport of ice and snow sailing.

 It might be time to start scanning some of the photos and posting them. After all- this IS WISSA history!

 William Tuthill/WISSA

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Juha Mannermaa at Val Brilliant 2008

Juha Mannermaa at Val Brilliant ~ Lac Matapedia, Quebec WISSA 2008
 The organizers of WISSA 2015 have offered  one free  night of accommodation and breakfast to a few folks to register now on
 The offer was for "the next 10 registrants" but that was 3 days ago, and I know one who has already registered to get the savings.

 The Retlaw Plaza Hotel has offered VERY favorable rates to WISSA participants. Here is a link to their site

The team in Fond du Lac is really working hard to welcome WISSA racers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

STS - Saint Petersburg- YES!

Execellent photos from WISSA 2014 in Saint Petersburg, Russia

loading up for a gybe

WISSA 2015 is in Fond du Lac Wisconsin


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Who - where - when?

who can tell me where and when???

anyone who knows wissa knows this person. They call him "the fastest leg in the east"

Friday, October 10, 2014

Carve a turn anyone?

Carve a turn anyone?

Kite sailors- do not feel left out- we are searching iphoto for vintage kite carve turns...standby- RETURN  to

"Formula" sled

Feodor Gurvits sailing his amazing hand made "Formula" sled on LAND!

Feodor is a very active snow, and ice sailor, and the organizer of WISSA 2011 in Oravi, Finland. Wife Anna is also an accomplished making the Gurvits family a true winter sailing family.
 Here's hoping to see all of them in Fond du Lac!

or for Facebook

 See you on the ice!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

One-hour Drive

It is a short drive from Milwaukee to Fond du Lac! [about an hour's drive]

For that matter it is only about another 1.5 hours drive to get to Fond du Lac from the great city of Chicago. There are direct flights from Helsinki to Chicago.

 The organizing team for WISSA 2015  has been hard at work preparing for our arrival this February 9-14 2015---MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

Get ready for big winds, and BIG ice!!!
check this link

There will be a king sized Short Track Slalom course along with the world's best race master for STS- Riçards Leipens of Riga, Latvia.

There will be  lots of Hiberna boards , Kitewings, and Kites of all kinds.

Kite sailors take notice! The Winnebago Area Kiters  [WAK] have been organizing and racing on Lake Winnebago for over 2 decades. They know how to run races! They also have set up a really cool course with jumps for freestyle. 

 Read the Notice of Race for specifics, but GET READY!!! Winter is coming, and WISSA 2015 will be the centerpiece to your winter!

 See you on the ice
 WISSA, The City of Fond du Lac, and all of the fine folks on the WISSA 2015 organizing committee

Friday, March 14, 2014

Kiting in Ontario

WISSA 2014: President's Memorandum

WISSA 2014 was one for the record books. As the longest running international competition in the history of Windsurfing, Wing and Kite sailing, WISSA has seen its share of difficulties. All along we have maintained the following principles:

  • Be open and welcoming to all competitors and new technologies.
  • Maintain the highest possible standard of racing 
  • Racing takes place on prevailing conditions. Snow, or ice, skis or blades - it is the competitor's choice. 
  • At least 5 countries are required to make a World Championships
  • Course racing is top priority, speed trials, and marathon are secondary (in case of no wind)
  • Encourage innovation in design, sportsmanship in competition, and friendship over all

The WISSA Ice and Snow Sailing World Championships have witnessed many things:

  • The first international competition for ice and snow sailing sleds powered by windsurfing rigs
  • The earliest communication between "Eastern" and "Western" countries on the subject of snow sailing
  • In 1991, at Kabli, Estonia, "Western" sailors from Europe and North America met "Eastern" sailors from Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania for the first time in history
  • In 1992 the Hand Held Sail Class [later to become wing] was accepted into WISSA. "Eastern" sailors made the improbable trip to Canada.
  • In 1993 in Choinice, Poland, Kites were on the start line for the first time. U.S and Canadian teams came to Poland. 
  • In 1995, the USA hosted the WC in Madison, Wisconsin. Russian mono skis dominated course racing in the sled class. Kite and Wing Classes had large numbers. A team from New Zealand took part.
  • In 2002, sleds, wings, and kites were present in equal numbers on black ice on Lago de Recia in Italy
  • In 2005 WISSA celebrated 25 years of racing at Sakyla, Finland. Russian kite sailors dominated. Polish sled sailors shared the podium with the Finns.
  • In 2008 a proposal to incorporate Short Track Slalom [STS] into the Sled Class was accepted at Val Brilliant, Quebec
  • In 2013 at Kalajoki, Finland, - one of the best WISSA races ever - a proposal to host WISSA 2014 in Temmascouatta, Quebec, was accepted.

The organizer in Quebec pulled out unexpectedly,leaving WISSA without a venue for 2014.
Then came our loyal friends from Russia with an offer to host an event in Pereslavl. They had their own set of troubles, but managed not just to recover, but to create a hugely successful event which was relocated to Saint Petersburg.

Congratulations to:

  • The organizers and sponsors
  • All competitors who took part
  • The champions, and their sponsors

The success of WISSA, the fact that it (WE!) have outlasted all other international competitions in each of the disciplines stands testament to our commitment, flexibility, and respect for one another.

May the WISSA family continue and prosper!

William Tuthill, Rhode Island, March 2014

Sunday, March 09, 2014

WISSA 2014: Final Results

Registered racers counts:

Champions 2014

Course Race Kite Boards

  • Overall: Ryazanov Ilya, Miass
  • Youth: Garashchenko Artem, Ekaterinburg
  • Veterans: Zyrin Pavel, Ekaterinburg
  • Women: Sysoeva Tatiana, Chelyabinsk
  • B15: Sokolov Nikita, St.Petersburg

Course Race Open Class

  • Overall: Leontev Aleksandrs, Latvia
  • Women: Moiseeva Anastasiya, Mytishi
  • Veterans: Ilukhin Vasiliy, Solnechnogorsk
  • Youth: Vostryakov Roman, Arhangelsk
  • Junior: Morozov Daniil, Monchegorsk

Course Race Kite Skis

  • Overall: Shaidakov Maksim, Yaroslavl'
  • Women: Kalinina Elena, St.Petersburg
  • Grand Masters: Lezinov Igor, Yaroslavl'
  • D8: Gladyshev Victor, Moscow
  • Veterans: Raynal Pierre-Alain, Switzerland Lausanne
  • B15: Kodanev Nikita, St.Petersburg

Course Race Wings

  • Salo Rainer, Finland

Freesyle Kite Boards

  • Overall: Garashchenko Artem, Ekaterinburg
  • Women: Ponomaryva Natali, Orenburg
  • Masters: Shelyganov Gena, Kolomna
  • Juniors: Sokolov Nikita, St.Petersburg

Freesyle Kite Skis

  • Overall: Kosolapov Lev, Moscow
  • Women: Nabieva Elena
  • Junior: Zhukov Andrey, Zapolarny

Short Trek Open Class

  • Overall: Leontev Aleksandrs, Latvia
  • Women: Zubkova Elena
  • Grand Master: Allikveer Kalev, Estonia
  • Junior: Zhilin Egor

Short Trek Wings

  • Salo Rainer, Finland

Final Protocols

Congratulations to all Champions and the whole WISSA community with successful event that happened despite all odds!

Great thanks to organizers, judges and sponsors of the Championship. We are awaiting on the results of the vote for the next venue of WISSA 2015.

WISSA 2014: The Final Day

On the final day there was so much wind that the ice shield had shifted and multiple cracks made it unsafe. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations forbid to sail, no races were run. Here is the clip showing wind conditions on that day:

Saturday, March 08, 2014

WISSA 2014: Faces 8

Nikulichev Dmitriy

WISSA 2014: Faces 7

Polyakova Lydmila 

WISSA 2014: Faces 6

Kulagin Evgeny

WISSA 2014: Faces 5

Shevelev Alexey and Raynal Pierre-Alain 

WISSA 2014: Faces 4

Elena Kalinina

WISSA 2014: Faces 3

Feudoroff Max
Photo by Kirill Korabelnikov

WISSA 2014: Faces 2

Sayfulin Farid and Lyubimtsev Roman 

WISSA 2014: Faces 1

Minaev Anton
Photo by 
Kirill Korabelnikov

WISSA 2014: Particulars

WISSA 2014: Freestyle

The ice is hard... to fall :)

WISSA 2014: Short Track

Watch how ideal are conditions for these guys!

WISSA 2014: Wings