Thursday, April 21, 2016

Come to Tolyatti in 2017!

Here is the film about Tolyatti Marathon run in 2011. Check out conditions and organization!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WISSA 2017 Venue is Set!

Attention all enthusiasts of winter sailing and kiting! The World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships of 2017 will take place in the city of Tolyatti, Samara Region of Russia. The program will be united with the traditional International Marathon "Zhigulevskoe Sea 2017".
The event will be happening on February 20...27, 2017.
The preliminary race program includes:
  • Course Race (all classes)
  • Marathon (all classes)
  • Freestyle (snow kites)
  • STS (slalom - windsurfing rigs)
The classes are defined according to the WISSA standard:
  • Windsurfing (sleds)
  • Snow kites
  • Hand-held sails (wings)
Please book your flights in advance! 

Saturday, November 07, 2015

WISSA 2016 Site is up!

Hey, site is up! 
Registration open and clock is ticking!! 
The sooner you register - the cheaper!!!

Friday, November 06, 2015

2016 Estonia is happening!

Called Kalev yesterday. He was apologizing and assured that the information will be published on the site in the matter of days. In the mean time the official information is as follows:

WISSA 2016 Championships

Location: Haapsalu, Estonia
Accommodation: Promenaadi Inn

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oravi- were you there?

 Talented sailors!
 Snow sled start
 Skin repair by an experienced doctor. Kiitos!
Everyone loves Team Quebec!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

 We have confirmation from Estonia. Please see the letter from Kalev Alikveer 

Dear WISSA family!

Thank You for trust and for offering of arrangement WISSA 2016 World Championships.

With the event we celebrate 40th anniversary of birth of this sport (Purisuusk )

Start of Purisuusk in 1976 at Lake of Harku , Tallinn - 40 years a go

 WISSA1991 event in Kabli - Pärnu – 25 years ago

 WISSA 1996 event in Haapsalu – 20 years ago

We are ready to organize a WISSA 2016 World Championships in 8-13.02.2016 at Haapsalu, Estonia.

Chief organizer Kalev Allikveer  together with Estonian Windsurfing union

The history of windsurfing is directly tied to the events that took place in Estonia 40 years ago in 1976. Estonia has a long and proud narrative in the story of snow sailing.

So mark your calendars folks. See you in Estonia!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Team Sweden takes the plunge!

photo taken at Kalajoki, Finland, WISSA 2013


It is official:  Sweden will be sending a team to WISSA 2015!
Here is the list:
Team members 2015 is:
Jenny Back (Kitewing)
Åke Olsson (Kitewing)
Carl James (Kitewing)
Lars Fromell (Kitewing)
Alexander Larsson (Kitewing)
Stefan Söderlund (Winterwindsurf)
Med vänliga hälsningar Alex

Get ready people. This is going to be an amazing event. It is less than one month away, so do not wait any longer- make your plans NOW!
 See you on the ice

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ready to Compete!

Igor Renkas - the veteran of the sport had just completed his third set of racing ski rig and is now fully ready to compete at 2015 WISSA Championship. He is based at Toronto Windsurfing Club where he freelances as repair man and coach. Igor is very serious and is training hard to improve his chances of winning. 

Salute to thee true bearer of WISSA competitive spirit!