Friday, December 12, 2014


 Here is a promo video produced by a member of the organizing team at Fond du Lac.
Not much time left, so please make your plans, and don't forget to register now

Monday, December 01, 2014

                                              The gang at Kalajoki, Finland, 2013

Hello WISSA Friends
 At this time of year you are most likely hoping for reliable ice and good winds.  It soon will happen.  In fact, the WISSA-competition site for 2015 in Wisconsin, USA is already frozen.

William Tuthill and a few other WISSA-members (including myself) have been working with the organizing committee in Fond du Lac for almost a year.  Back in February we even tested the competition site on Lake Winnebago and also made sure the required infrastructure and competence for running the races are in place.  Over the past few months the organizers have done a truly impressive job preparing for the event.  They deserve our praise and admiration.  Between February 9-14, 2015 they also deserve success.

Lake Winnebago is located about 250 km north of Chicago.  The Lake gets very thick ice as well as clean winds (the shore has wind generator installations).  Equally important, we have been receiving solid support from the host community of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin from the very beginning.  We are also blessed to have motivated and experienced people in place to conduct the races.  In my judgment, WISSA-2015 has the potential to turn into one of the best world championships ever.

David,  I am very much looking forward to seeing you and your team members at the start line next year.  Also, please encouraging everyone you know to pre-register at

Greetings and kind regards from Lake Ontario,

Klaus Faisst

Have a look at this link. There is a weather tab on the site. -18C low temperature tonight!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Oxanna carves a beautiful turn on smooth Russian ice last season

But watch this short [46 second] video taken yesterday in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin- site of WISSA 2015

See you on the ice!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

22 November- Plymouth Pond. Maine- Cam Lewis, Kitewing
 Well not really. There is always ice somewhere, but this ice is first ice for New England.
 The organizers of    
reported smooth ice 10-12 cm thick last week on Lake Winnebago in Winsconsin.
 The time is fast approaching!
Here's hoping to see lots of folks in Fond du Lac Wisconsin for WISSA 2015

Monday, November 17, 2014

17 November 2014- Lake Winnebago NOW!


 This is a photo of Lake Winnebago today! Lake Winnebago   
 is so big that you can not see across it! And now it is frozen!!
 Let the games begin
Feodor Gurvits on a Hiberna Board
 Fish Lake Iceboards
will have 12 Hiberna Boards 
 available for rent at WISSA 2015.
If you are traveling from a long distance and do not want to carry your own Hiberna Board, you can still compete on the Short Track Slalom.
 You might still want to have your own rigs, but if not, contact Kevin at

You can come to WISSA traveling light, and still compete!

 See you on the ice.