Thursday, February 15, 2007

William Tuthill writes...

Having missed the WISSA 2007 W.C. in Haapsalu, Estonia, I will do the next best thing. Next week, I plan to meet with the a group of kite sailors at the site of last year's W.C. in Trois Rivierres, Quebec. The purpose of that visit will be to round up competitors for WISSA 2008 which is scheduled to take place in Val Brillant, Quebec, February 2008.

After Trois Rivierres, we will go to Val Brillant, to meet with Dominique Robichard, who is in Estonia now, to make plans at the site of WISSA 2008. The lake and facilities at Val Brillant are capable of sustaining a large crowd. The risk of a "no ice" cancellation is minimal at this site, and winds are known to be reliable.

We will meet to discuss lodging options, transportation, and other things.

After the visit to Val Brillant, I hope to attend the "Stormboarding" Kite sailing event in Vermont, U.S.A..

It is a relatively new event, but the goal is to create interest in WISSA among kiters in that part of the U.S.A..

During March, there are two more event goals:

  1. The newly formed NASA (North American Skimbat Association) hopes to have a first ever rally of Kitewings or Skimbats in the Lake Sunapee area of New Hampshire. Over 25 wings have been sold into the New England area since September 2006 and interest is building. A "fun racing" event for wings on Lake Sunapee could be used to bolster participation at WISSA 2008. Naturally, the event will be open to all 3 WISSA classes.
  2. Every March, ConceptAir hosts an event known as "The Attraction". The event has been going on for many years. I hope to attend so that we can encourage the attendees to plan for WISSA 2008.

We had a scare with the weather in Estonia this year, but in the end the conditions came through. Cool heads prevailed, and by all accounts the organizers are doing a tremendous job. They deserve much praise for their faith and dedication- we look forward to hosting them in Quebec in 2008!

Stay tuned to this web site for breaking news about ice and snow sailing happenings worldwide.

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