Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WISSA 2008: Report from the Spot

Subject: WISSA 2008

The club house. Race committee HQ and possible gear storage/ waxing station. This is on the lake.

The main lodging. Maybe the architect liked Howard Johnson's ?

But check out the back yard! The WHOLE resort is OURS for the week!

Lost on the lake? Head for the twin steeples.

This is where meals, ceremonies, the Trade Mission, and many other activities take place. It is on the lake near the clubhouse. Everything is close. The main lodging at the mountain is connected by free shuttle bus.

Welcome to the land where the mountains meet the sea. Fresh shellfish, lobsters, and all manner of fruits de la Mer can be enjoyed with upland game, Maple syrup, and a rich array of locally farmed produce. Local dairy products are excellent as are the many items produced using the region's copious raspberries and blueberries.

The Gaspe is truly majestic. The geography and culture are special and unique to North America.

Its position down wind and up from the generally ice free gulf of St Lawrence makes it a catch basin for beaucoup de poudre and the winds are always cranking.

One whole side of Lac Matapedia is undeveloped wilderness. There are 3 towns on the lake and it is possible to sail from one to the next.

10-17 Feb.
This is a first installment. PLEASE plan on coming

p.s. Bon Noel

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