Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Here comes the first Request for Change of the WISSA RULES published on this site.
Although there were many before we would like to start tracking and discussing those requests and will be updating the rules after each WISSA event.

Please post your comments and questions below.

By: Richard Saltonstall

Maine Ice and Snow Sailing Association
28 Pine Brae Ln
Rockport, ME 04856

Addendum to WISSA Rules


Tacking and gybing: Sailors tacking or gybing must give way. Sailors may not maneuver so as to involve the probability of a collision with another sailor whom, owing to position or speed cannot keep clear.


Obstructions: Obstructions are any object that cannot be safely sailed over. A sailor approaching and unable to clear an obstruction without fouling or endangering another sailor shall signal the other sailor for room to clear. The signaled sailor shall at once give room and if it is necessary to tack or gybe, the signaling sailor shall also tack or gybe immediately thereafter.

B1a. Within the mark circle perimeter the sailor on port tack shall give way to the sailor on starboard tack.



When rounding a mark, if more than one sailor reaches the mark circle perimeter at the same time, the outside sailors shall give way to the sailor closest to the mark.


At the finish line, a tie is broken by awarding the finish to the sailor closest to the finish mark.

Be ruthless, I like the WISSA rules because they are so simple. However I think that bigger fleets of sailors will make some more rules necessary. Should interpretation 1. be a part of rule B1?

Ciao Dicky

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