Monday, October 19, 2009

WISSA 2010: Program of the Event

Place Place the 30th city to be WISSA Saguenay (Baie des Ha Ha!), Quebec, Canada.

It is certain that the final version of the programming will be translated into Français.


Friday, February 26: Opening of the kite park, friendly race track groomed (all day) and free trials. In the evening, cocktail and music under the tent.

Saturday, February 27: Freestyle Attraction activities (kiteparc, groomed and kite), family games, evening show, beer and cock

Sunday, February 28: Home Athletes and free tests.
  • 17h15 Opening Ceremony 30th Anniversary Special and Dinner.
Monday, March 1:
  • 9hr to 12hr Registration WISSA, take 2. Free practice. Match Soccer Snow, Autograph and interviews with athletes (journalists and public).
Tuesday, March 2: 
  • 9hr to 10hr free trials. 
  • 10hr to 10h30 meeting of riders and officials. 
  • 10h30 to 16hr competition (for the family ice skating and baseball). 
  • 18h30 We're going to see a professional hockey game:)
Wednesday, March 3:
  • 9hre to 10hre free trials. 
  • 10hr to 10h30 riders meeting and official.
  • 10h30 to 16hr competition begins (Family Triathlon snow skiing Mount Bélu). 
  • 18hr to 20hr movie kite!
Thursday, March 4:
  • 9hre to 10hre Free Practice
  • 10hre to 10h30 the riders meeting and official
  • 10h30 to 16hr competition (family for ice fishing and taffy Maple.
  • 17hr to 19hr Dinner 20th Anniversary of Air Concept.
  • 19hr speaker
Friday, March 5:
  • 8h30 to 9hr free trials. 
  • 9hr to 9h30 Meeting. 
  • 9h30 at 16h30 competition (for the family rally in the village of ice, and jump "hooked").
  • 1717h00 dinner tourtière of Lac-St-Jean. 
  • 19hre: Release kite night
Saturday, March 6:
  • 9h30 Meeting of course. 
  • 10hr to 16hr competition (long distance and speed run) activities freestyle (for family, putting and jump addicts).
  • 16h30 cocktail at the top of Mount Bélu.
  • 18h30 scrolled Athletes. 
  • 19hr evening closure of music, show and more ....

Sunday, March 7:
  • 9hr to 11hr Farewell Brunch.
  • 11h00 at 15h30 activities freestyle (kite park, groomed and free kite).
  • 16hr : END
  • Childcare available
  • Games Inflatable known place and acrobatic trampoline
  • Test kite
  • Groomed and kite park

This information was received from Quebec on Sep.16th. It is published with minimal editing - just formatting. I am still awaiting for the responses to the following questions:

1. Is this information official?
2. Is this information final? (it has been a month since the info was sent out)
3. Who represents the Organizing Committee? (a person and/or organization reference for Canada Immigration clearance)
4. Official address and contact information for Organizing Committee?
5. Do you have Notice of Race? (classes information, race programs, age groups, awards categories)
6. Do you have Race Rules? (WISSA rules or WISSA-referencing)
7. Accommodation information and special rates?
8. Transportation from Airport to the race site information?
9. Sponsors information? (to avoid conflict of interest with foreign sponsors)
10. Media information? (coverage, exclusivity of rights on video-photo coverage - also for foreign sponsors)
I will be publishing all updates as they arrive.

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