Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Kitewing Distributor in North America

New NA Distributor Dan Hill in an interview with NBC reporter Harry Cicma.

Snow on the roof of Wingmaster Richard Saltonstall

Thanks to all who attended our "gathering of the wings" on Lake Sunapee this past weekend. We had a great BBQ under large falling snowflakes with no wind on Saturday, and good old rip raging day of sailing on Sunday. Our friend Harry from NBC graciously agreed to stick around on Saturday night in order to shoot Sunday, and hopefully it was worthwhile. The whole event is apt to be under a minute, but if it makes it onto nationwide TV it will be a wonderful thing.
A few take away thoughts form the week- end are:
- More is better. The more people out sailing together- the better
- Effort pays off. It is easy to stay home & sail locally, but meeting other riders, absorbing new ideas, making contacts,  and networking has distinct advantages over developing in isolation.
- North America: Finally has a committed distributor who stocks all replacement parts for all of the various wings, and is committed to growing the sport in a way that will benefit all of us. Here's to Dan Hill.http://www.kitewingusa.com/
- This winter: We can and should have more events where folks gather. Better yet we should start a racing series. Racing wings around the "cans" is tons of fun. Anyone care to organize?
- Thank you: Thank you to Charlie Meding for hosting every one at "Uncle Bob's" place. It is a tremendous luxury to have a safe place to park, rig and BBQ. Without Charlie, we would all be strangers cutting thru a right of way to the lake. Thank you to Charlie, and Bob.

The first in a series of 3 races with cash prizes starts next weekend in Venise de Quebec just on the north shore of Lake Champlain. It is for kites, but I plan to go. Any takers?

william tuthill/WISSA

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