Wednesday, March 16, 2011

XII Saint Petersburg Open

April 2..3, 2011, St.Petersburg, Russia
Race Notice

Organizer: Kiting Federation of St.Petersburg, Baltiets Yacht Club
Class: kite
Race Dates: April 2..3, 2011
Reserved dates: April 26..27, 2011

Race site: Baltiets Yacht Club, St.Petersburg, Petergofskoye shosse 75, k.2
Driving directions

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Race Program: course race, minimum 3 races, maximum 8 races.

  1. General - all racers
  2. Serious Seniors - racers over 50 years old as of 2.04.2011
  3. Women - female racers
  4. Juniors - racers under 18 years old as of 2.04.2011

  1. Open - all kites
  2. Class 8 - kites with 8m wingspan
  3. Class 10 - kites with 10m wingspan

Definition of Divisions: a kite belongs to division "8" or "10" if its span on the flat surface is less than 8m or 10m correspondently. Participant is considered in a division when in addition to qualifications as general, women or seniors is registered in division "8" or "10" and thus obliged to use kites in that division. A racer cannot change the division during races and has to obey the limitation until the end of the competitions.

Division registration is declarational. Participants are expected to follow Definitions of Divisions in bona fide. The actual measurement is to be done by participants before registration. Race Committee will perform measurements only by request in case of dispute and reasonable doubt. In that case the kite has to be provided for measuring.

Gliding equipment:
  1. Skis
  2. Snowboard

Race track: Trapeze, triangle, loop or their combination detailed in Race Instructions and laid out on the scheme.

Sat. 2.04.201110:00 - 11:00Registration
Sat. 2.04.201111:00Briefing
Sat. 2.04.201112:00 - 16:00Course-race, 4 races
Sat. 2.04.201117:00End of races
Sun. 3.04.201110:00 - 11:00Registration
Sun. 3.04.201112:00 - 16:00Course-race, 4 races
Sun. 3.04.201117:00End of races
Sun. 3.04.201117:30Awards

Three best racers are awarded in each qualification, division and gliding equipment if there is five or more competitors in the group. Otherwise racers are attributed to general qualification.

Everyone who accepts this race notice can register in the race office:
2.04.201110:00 - 11:00
3.04.201110:00 - 11:00
Organizers reserve the right to extend registration time.
Anyone under 18 years old must bring a copy of this Race Notice with permission for participation signed by their parents/guardians.

Registration fee:
Registration fee is 500Rb is paid at the registration time and is not refundable.
Bib deposit is another 500Rb and is refundable when bib is returned.

All participants must register and sign "Declaration of personal liability".
Everyone assumes full responsibility for participating in the competition.

By registering all participants take a voluntary obligation to obey this Notice of Race and Rules listed in it, respect decisions of organizers and judges.

Organizers do not assume neither collective nor personal liability for any material or moral damage of participants or third parties before, during or after the competition.

Every participant is expected to do best in providing safety to themselves and anyone around.

Every participant has to wear a helmet during the race.

Every participant has to have valid life and accident insurance for the period of races. The policy is not required for registration.

Race Instructions: will be provided to the racers before the competitions begin.

The competitions are performed according to Race Instructions, Notice of Race and Rules of Russian Kiters Association 2004/06 in priority sequence as listed.

Changes in Rules:
Not applicable: Part 1, §4, definitions of "Finish", "Dangerous Zone".
Not applicable: Part 1, §20.1, §21.5, §25.2 and §25.4.
Not applicable: Part 2, §31.8.в, §31.8.г.1.

Changes to the Race Instructions may be applied during briefings before or between races. All participants will receive announcement of changes before the race start.

Penalties and Excuses:
According to Race Instructions a system of points penalties will be applied.

Points system:
First place0
Non-finishing (DNF) receives number of started the race +1
Non-starting (DNS) receives number of registered +2
Disqualified (DSQ) receives number of registered +3

Chief Judge of the competitions: Dmitriy Yarzhembovkiy

Race Area:
Ice of the Gulf of Finland, besides Baltiets Yacht Club

Official Information: - Kiting Federation of St.Petersburg
Dmitriy Yarzhembovkiy,, +7 812 726-8843, +7 911 145-5621

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