Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WISSA 2012: Days 1 and 2


I didn't post yesterday as planned - after the skipper's meeting it took some time to get our gear to the lake and set up. Then we spent the early afternoon sailing on the cleared ice practicing for the short track slalom before heading out onto the main lake with skis for course racing. The kites has been out racing while we were practicing. By the time we got out there the wind had become spotty so it turned into a skate-a-thon and with my heavy DH boards on I quickly became fatigued. The course was an up/down format and we were to complete three laps. By sheer force of will I was able ro round the windward mark twice but I was running last and after the second rounding I saw the marks being pulled so I knew I had DNF'ed.

Turns out I wasn't the only one... several sailors had already called it quits. Light wind and soft snow made for slow going and after the race I had to ski-skate about a half mile back to the pits. I was exhausted, dehydrated, and soaked to the bone with perspiration, as a result of which I also became chilled as the sun set. On returning to my ro, I simply had no energy left so I went to sleep. That's why I didn't post yesterday.

Today we had light wind again so we did more practice races on the short track area, giving those of us unfamiliar with this format more time to learn it. The kites completed more races out on the main lake but due to lack of sufficient wind wings and sailboards had no official races. They say there will be wind tomorrow so game on.

Much more to tell, of course but there's a beer somewhere calling my name.

Until tomorrow, Rick

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