Monday, March 12, 2012

GPS Icesailing

I have been promoting GPS Icesailing for many years now.

This site and official GPS World Record organization uses very scientific means of gathering and reviewing GPS data to establish both World Record claims and regular rankings for participants all around the globe.
Two sister sites, GPS Kitesailing and GPS Speedsurfing serve the water aspects of these sports with the fastest sailors in the world participating. There are more than 3000 members between the 3 sites, but only 150 for Land&Ice site.

I have been primarily focused on Icesled class (windsurfer sails) and recently achieved a new World Record.
But this is not my main point I wish to make here. I would like to point out that a recent post by a Kitewinger in Sweden has made a significant session post that deserves attention.

Alexander Larsson has posted a 2 secong Max of 47.36 knots, which is 54.5 mph!

Big time congrats to Alex! I hear he is quite good and an official Kitewing team member. This session also places him into the overall Top 10 of the year as #10! Those rankings inlcude all classes of boats, iceboards and kitewings.

Here is a ranking list of all Kitewings to date.

I would like to once again extend my assistance to anyone in Kitewing class who wishes to join this website and post official rankings. I have GPS loaner devices for use which I have been given to help get people more involved. Our Iceboard fleet is well represented in the USA and have dominated the class for speeds again this year.

So, next season please join me with your Kitewing and join the world GPS rankings!


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Vin Polaski said...

I see the importance of GPS here. Icesailing covers a vast distance and GPS monitoring ensures the rider's safety through location pinpointing the gps vehicle tracking.

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