Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Lake Kodiak, AK Ice Report

Here are pix from a few hours ago. Devils Walk is compressed pan of peaks behind town where I went hiking today. Found a pond which will be great skating but too small for wings.

The rain which recently fell has exerted enough hydraulic pressure to pump warm ground water into shallow spring fed lakes and ponds. Where there was a nice three inch plus black ice sheet on Lake Lee last week I found very weak black ice floating away from the edges with open leads. The wind was pumping the ice sheet keeping the water flowing around the edges. Despite 36 to 48 hrs of temps below freezing free surface water is not ready to set up. Lake Lee needs some time and temps in the low 20s to upper teens to grow enough new ice. Forecast temps and yet another warmish blast predicted at the end of this week are not likely to allow the Lake Lee ice sheet to set up with the additional 1.5 to 2 inches of new ice recommended before anyone goes skating.

Heitman is open. I dashed up hill today with hope in my heart. Went for a dream skate by the sunny shore to the tune of wind and wavelets lapping the rocks.

Skiing high alpine might be a better idea for a while.

Richard Saltonstall

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