Friday, November 07, 2014

few readers can identify this!
Thank you for the excellent video link. I still have that original video tape from Sami Tuurna. Back in the day, when folks "in the west" were getting started sailing on snow & ice using windsurfing rigs, there was a parallel universe "in the east".

 I will never forget 1991 in what was then the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic. I met individuals with whom I had been communicating for several years by means of the post office. I still have the double spaced letters typed out on a cryllic typewriter machine [that I wish I could own now] from friend Vasilly Laptev from Nickoliavsk- na- Amur in Russia's far east- over by Japan. We wrote many letters- always double spaced so that we could translate using a dictionary. We sent photos and stories back and forth from our distant locations

Eventually, in 1991, "east met west " at Valgerand, Estonia.  It was a life changing experience for me, and in many ways it was a turning point for the sport of ice and snow sailing.

 It might be time to start scanning some of the photos and posting them. After all- this IS WISSA history!

 William Tuthill/WISSA

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