Tuesday, April 14, 2015

 We have confirmation from Estonia. Please see the letter from Kalev Alikveer 

Dear WISSA family!

Thank You for trust and for offering of arrangement WISSA 2016 World Championships.

With the event we celebrate 40th anniversary of birth of this sport (Purisuusk )

Start of Purisuusk in 1976 at Lake of Harku , Tallinn - 40 years a go

 WISSA1991 event in Kabli - Pärnu – 25 years ago

 WISSA 1996 event in Haapsalu – 20 years ago

We are ready to organize a WISSA 2016 World Championships in 8-13.02.2016 at Haapsalu, Estonia.

Chief organizer Kalev Allikveer  together with Estonian Windsurfing union

The history of windsurfing is directly tied to the events that took place in Estonia 40 years ago in 1976. Estonia has a long and proud narrative in the story of snow sailing.

So mark your calendars folks. See you in Estonia!

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