Monday, April 30, 2007

Photos from WISSA 2007 updated

Estonia 2007. Bend and twist - you get the gist.

By William Tuthil
I have much to report. We JUST got in from a LONG drive to Gaspisie and back. It is beautiful out there and WISSA 2008 accoms will be set up for families...
More later - much more.

For now, here are some fresh pics from Estonia.

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Estonia 2007. Kalev Allikveer on a 3 blade sled.

Estonia 2007. Just after the start.

Estonia 2007 Vitold Nerling. Legendary windsurfing coach from Poland.

Estonia 2007. The technology and talent at WISSA World Championships is as up to date and radical as ANY windsurfing race on the planet. Here is to keeping the Open Class alive and strong FOREVER!

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