Wednesday, April 18, 2007

PSYCHO-3 Part I.

Review by Zakharov

Just a while ago I was really stunned by this american pronounciation of the word "Psycho" - saiko, as in the old joke:
Writing `Liverpool` reading `Manchester`

And today this very "Psycho-3" is covering 13 square meters of freshly thawed sand near Neokom. Blue star on the black-and-white, as seen on TV!

For those who does not know: Psycho-3 is a new ram-air kite from Flysurfer with modified safety system and wider range of depower.

The manual claims wind range 4-15 m/s (8-30 knots). Can you imagine that?

The principle which makes it possible is the same as in bow-kites: at minimal angles the wing is tied to the leading edge, not to the two front rows as before, which enables the kite to stretch along the wind and fly as a banner with minimal lift. They also say that in such schema the breakaway over the leading edge is practically impossible at any gusts. We shall see...

It has a very interesting safety system - the line is tied not to the rear edge as before which was leaving a lot of drag when engaged in the strong wind but is distributed in three points along the chord of the wing.

This way the kite in safety mode folds in half hanging on the middle chord loosing all power. On DVD you can see water restart within seconds. It would be interesting to try how real it is.

Bar force is regulated to taste: somebody likes it "light" others prefer to apply power.

Safety leash is in the solid rubber case: to protect from tangling.

The bar is freely rotating to unwind the lines in a wink - nothing muddles. The system became simpler than in previous models, much less lines around the bar.

No luck launching today: no wind...

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