Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Winter Sailing

by William Tuthill

Greetings All

I should be preparing for WISSA 2008, but today- this WHOLE week is unseasonably warm. It is global warming ;-((

We needed to move a boat from Newport, Rhode Island to New Bedford, Massachusetts. It is only about 40 nautical miles, but it involves going out into waters that are usually dangerous at this time of year. Today was more like a day in October than a day in January. +15C and sunny with a SW breeze. The boat was a Tayana 64. She is a blue water cruiser with an interior that is nicer than most people's homes.

We left Newport motoring into the wind and waves, and turned East to pick up our course. At that point the hydraulic powered head sail was released and our speed cracked 10 knots. The boat was surfing the chop as we ate and talked. It was peaceful and warm. One week ago this same place was violent and freezing- by next week it will be that way also. It is January and winter is supposed to be here to

Today was rare. There is only one month left until WISSA 2008 http://www.wissa2008.org/ Get psyched- get ready- see you there :-)


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