Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good news - Bad news

by William Tuthill

The BAD news is that YOU NEED ONE! and that will cost you (but it is worth it). The GOOD news is that it is one of Kitewing's finest creations - more about that later.

The BAD news is for racers.

This past weekend proved what I had always suspected - that the all new 7.5 square meter "Wave Warrior" from Kitewing is more than just a water wing - it is a powerhouse for winter sailing also! Imagine the difference that an extra 2 square meters of sail area makes when the winds are light or the snow is deep. I knew that it would be good, but I never realized that it would replace almost everything else!
Obviously, the 4.8 and 5.5 will always be great in fast conditions, and I still say that the 4.8 on black ice is the ultimate, but WOW! The 7.5 meter Wave Warrior has way more range than I ever expected.
To quote NASA [North American Skimbat Association] web master Rick Hobbs, "the guys at Kitewing are geniuses". I agree.
The 7.5 meter wing is more advanced than ever. It has a way of absorbing gusts, keeping power, and flying steady in almost any amount of wind. The conditions on Sunday were so gusty that the snow was flying around in small tornadoes that resembled the "dust devils" of the great Australian Outback. Violent surges of power came from all angles yet the wing steered into the flow and kept steady. Quite a feat.
The Wave Warrior 7.5 meter wing will be on display, AND on the racecourse at WISSA-2008.
Come check it out, along with several other excellent winter sailing products, at the "Trade Mission" portion of WISSA 2008.

-- Will

Other winter sailing products on display:

plus several other related products from various manufacturers


Dibutil said...

I think it is great to sell new devices at the event. It might be not fair though to use a new bigger Skimbat in such almost-one-design class - those who did not buy it in advance will be handicapped. Either every one has it in the queer on no one.

Rick Hobbs said...

Who would have thought that the old "sail size limit" debate would now involve Freesail Class... Vlad, I have to disagree with you just a bit here.
First, Freesail isn't a true one-design class but it just so happens that Kitewing dominates it because there's nothing better on the market. Also remember that Kitewings are now available in four different sizes.
As for the "fairness" of it- is it "fair" for big guys like Will and myself to be pushing and skating while all the lighter weight sailors are powered up? I was tempted to splurge on the 7.5 myself. The difference was plain to see last weekend when Will was cruising along with the 7.5 while I was "skating and waiting" with the 5.5. That extra 2 square meters means more power with less wind. It's no fun but I suppose it's fair.
The whole point of these races are to encourage innovation,and if someone comes up with a superior design, then it's only fair to allow people to compete with it. Otherwise, nobody will benefit from new developments. IMO, the WISSA World Championships is as fair and honest a competition as any other just the way it is.
Also remember that bigger is not necessarily better if it gets really windy.
Looking forward to the event- couldn't make it last year, missed seeing the crew. Fair winds and fast ice,

Dibutil said...

Rick, the only guy who I got concerned about id Klaus: he would definitely gain from the bigger sail but the chance of him getting it is low. Life is an unfair thing...

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