Monday, December 08, 2008

Today's Rally

by William Tuthill

Hello & BRRRRR!

Today was the 3rd edition of the Archipelago Rally - an event that is supposed to be fun, easy and a sort of wrap up to the summer sailing season. The first year we did it on the 2nd week of December [too cold], the second year we moved it up to the weekend after Thanksgiving [better]. This year we tried to out pace the cold and do it the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving. So much for planing - it never came above freezing and it blew a gale! Wind chill numbers were in the single digits. Several boats capsized, and 2 out of 3 windsurfers got smoked. I was able to make the course only by flogging the rig in gusts and trying to sail during lulls.

Several wildly over powered sail craft survived the epic conditions, and everyone got back to shore safely.

BBQ and Narragansett beer. It doesn't get much better than that!


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Above: 2006 Spar Island Archipelago Rally (12 craft), at right, Cape Dory 10 "Dinkus"

Above: 2007 Wickford Archipelago Rally (32 craft), at right, Susie the Dyer Foredeck Dog!

Here we are again and ready for an amazing regatta!!! November 22 at Camp Fuller YMCA on the Point Judith Salt Ponds: Plato, Cedar, Albro, Johnathan, Ram Island and more all within a mile on the shallow, flat and protected salt ponds. We have the facility with launch ramp, dock, kitchen, bathrooms and beach all to ourselves!!!

Come feel like a kid again!!!! This is the purist form of sailing, getting out on the water for the sake of enjoying the sport and the elements with friends and family.

Building on our success of the Spar Island Rally (see March 2008 issue of Sailing magazine feature), and last year's Wickford Harbor Rally, the Salt Ponds will be amazing for sure! We have already received confirmations from more than 35 ralliers for this year and we have unlimited room. The beach party will be taken care of, just bring some beverages and $5 to donate to the Camp Fuller YMCA and their amazing summer program that introduces sailing to children who otherwise would not get the opportunity.

Boats already signed up: Cape Dory 10, O'Day Daysailer, Sailfish, Sunfish, Laser, row/sail canoe, SS Classic Gaffer, Mirror dinghies, Hobie cats, Herreshoff Canoe Yawl, Beetle Cats, Vintage Windsurfers, Sea Dogs and a dozen more one-of-a-kind dinghies!!!

Please bring your family and friends and somehting that floats qwith a sail. Camp Fuller is offering a limited number of 420s and JY 15s at no cost to anyone who is interested so please let me know.

All you have to do is email me back to let me know the type craft and number of people you are bringing and I will send updates on registration to the group along with the list of competitors and their Portsmouth Yardstick rating, order of starters etc. This is strictly sail-in-company-type race, you start in order of slowest boats first in hopes everyone, after sliding and slucing around this great groupof islands, finishes at the same time. And all racing can be viewed from our will be so close you can hit a sailor with a Quahog!!

Please let me know if you have any questions and I can't wait to see you in November!


Chris 401.835.5406

PS-Please pass this along to those you have invited on our behalf and send me their emails.

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