Monday, August 27, 2012

Sihteeri/ PWR

Dear all,

I hope you all have enjoyed a great surfing summer!

The summer season is almost over here in Finland and we're heading our minds towards the coming winter season and WISSA 2013 in Kalajoki.

The arrangements have begun and we're in schedule. 

The official web pages, will be published in the end of September.

The schedule:

Saturday 2.3. - Sunday 3.3. Winter Windsurfing European Cup, Kalajoki

Monday 4.3. Registration for WISSA 2013, practising

Tuesday 5.3. - Saturday 9.3. WISSA racing

Saturday 9.3. Prize giving ceremony (evening)

Sunday 10.3. Departure

All information regarding travelling, accommodation, racing, registration fees, rental equipment etc. will be available on our web sites from late September onwards.

We are very pleased to have the honour of organizing the next Winter Worlds and wish you all warmly welcome to Kalajoki!

With best regards,

Sanna Päivärinta
Secretary, Perämeri WindRiders ryMobile +358 (0)40 150 6464

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