Wednesday, March 05, 2014

WISSA 2014 Day 2 Update: Leader is unclear

Nikolai Nikolaev (Murmansk, Russia) reports:
We had 4 races, the wind was 1.5-3m/s. Could have more runs but judges are slow.

There is no clear advantage of any kite model seen yet. The leader is changing from Elf  to Paraavis, Maks Ignatov is always near by with his Sergeant, Farid wth Chrono-18 also looks very good. The most popular kite is Elf-10.

I must say that we need to exercise more and come to compete fresh few days in advance but not tired and just an hour before start.

Leaders are playing leapfrog game, who wins is unknown at the moment. I have not seen any results protocols yet. Tomorrow they forecast better wind, we shall see.

Photo by @dinamur

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