Saturday, March 08, 2014

WISSA 2014 Day 4: Sun, Wind, Competition

Today the wind had increase, the sky is clear, everyone is up for a good fight.
"It is going to be fun!" says the kite-skiing course-race leader Dmitriy Nikulichev of Petrozavodsk. He is looking forward to competing with the top five - anyone has a chance to win at this moment.

Iliya Ryazanov from Miass is a leader in kite snowboards course race. His luck is challenged by Igor Danilov, Gennadiy Shelyganov and Alexander Melkozerov.

The leader of Open class is Arthur Gross from Estonia. His adversaries are Alexander Leontiev from Latvia, Vadim Volotskiy from Arkhangelsk and Slava Maltsev of Murmansk. "I shall try winning but with higher wind I need to watch out and not end up somewhere unexpected" - laughs Artur.

Preliminary results of 2014-03-06:

«Kites with ski, Course Race».

1. Nikulichev Dmitriy 8,50.
2. Shaidakov Maksim 9,25.
3. Ignatov Maksim 12,75.

«Kites with snowboards, Course Race».

1. Ryazanov Ilya 5,5.
2. Shelyganov Gena 7,75.
3. Danilov Igor 9,5.

«Windsurfing rigs, Course Race».

1. Gross Artur 5,5.
2. Maltsev Viacheslav 9,00.
3. Volotskoy Vadim 12,00.

«Windsurfing rigs, Short Track Slalom».

1. Leontev Aleksandrs 3,75.
2. Gurvits Feodor 12,00.
3. Korzhikov Vladamir 17,00.

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