Monday, March 09, 2009

Quebec Cup

by William Tuthill

Greetings WISSA Friends

Here is a post from our friends in Saguenay - the site of WISSA2010. They have been running an annual event at this site - Baie des HA HA! Seriously - that is the name- Bay of HA HA!. It includes the (!) in the name - check the map. It is just one more interesting and different thing about the Saguenay region of Quebec. More about that later.

For now, read the review by Benoit Tremblay of Concept Air, and see the interesting twist that has been added to the usual WISSA mix.

OOOOOOOOOOH! Boy, I was would like.. (I don't know how write this) so much than you was there and to see that show... a great show Very windy all the set up was so almost perfect.. a very good team of voluntary... big usual tent.. inflatable tent with Rock group on ice.. special lunch on ice for the riders.. many bathroom.... big sound system.. 3 hot and big fishing shack for that the rider can put a ski boots or just warming up.... 5 days of speed run(Monday until Friday) on groomed highway (1/2 mile on 150 feet) the winner was Dominic Robichaud on is first ride and it was the last one because at the end of the day a raining storm during 1/2 hour with st-Elmo fire on the leg of Dominic, each ride cost 2$ and of the end we spit the $ between the best we had 137 inscription 274$.. Yes... the speed finish Friday at 6 pm, Saturday 8 triangles and the wind relax Sunday forecast 30 to 70 with sunny in afternoon... 5 triangles the morning and log distance in after-noon.. for this race... not for compilation.. I put a Da-kine Pyro harness (232$) on the picket on the starting line and the first have that like a cowboy race.. no complication for the point just one winner... but many one have fun... the winner have a GPS aboard and he run 87.8 KM... 60 registrations for the race.. 25$ you have for each registration for free 12$ of different Canadian cheeses, you can win a Smart 6.5, many many Dakine product, many nice price. Like sunglasses, etc. etc. 80 persons on the dinner party... the road conditions of Friday were so bad than we was lost some 20 persons was can going because the road was insecure...


Please send back at my friend Georges and Charles..........


Some Pictures HERE

Benoit Tremblay, Concept Air
222 rue Saguenay, St-Fulgence, Qc, Canada, G0V 1S0

Telephone: (418) 674-VENT (8368)
Sans frais: 1-877-545-VENT (8368)
Telecopie: (418) 674-2432

"Ryde The Bull"

Parlez vous "Franglais"?

Voila a report from this past weekend at Saguenay. I have NO doubt that these guys are up to the task of organizing a first class WISSA event. They have been organizing the "A-traction" for well over a decade, and it has become a venerated part of the Coup de Quebec. They are thrilled to be hosting the 30th anniversary of WISSA - the oldest and longest running international competition in the history of:

1] Windsurfing - yes it is true - older than any competition held on water!
2] WINGsurfing - It is the only international racing venue for wings
3] Schneekiten - [as they say in German] WISSA had Kites on the line in 1993 in Choinice, Poland - before that actually - I have photos going back to 1987. There is no snow kiting racing venue with a longer racing pedigree than WISSA Boasting session over - read the report below & get psyched for next year. Please pass this around.

All are welcome!


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