Monday, March 09, 2009

WING Surfing: Lake Sunapee, 14-15 March 2009


TO: All potential WING (and other) sailors
TIME: All weekend Saturday & Sunday 14-15 March 2009
PLACE: Lake Sunapee, N.H. Launch point at Soonipi Poad. Exit 11 Interstate 89. Go west on King Ridge Road to the end.
SCHEDULE: TBA We will try for course races and a tour of the lake.


Not windsurfing, and not kite surfing, WING surfing is a sport unto its own. The wing, or Kitewing as it is called for commercial purposes, is of interest to such a broad range of sailors, that we decided to hold an informal event to showcase the product, and welcome newcomers. Kite sailors, Freeskate / windsurfing sled sailors? GET DOWN HERE! You are MORE than welcome!
It is getting late in the season, and the remaining chances are few. The conditions appear to be lining up nicely. The nice folks at the New London Inn circa 1790 in the heart of downtown New London have graciously offered up a very special rate to anyone coming to New London for the event this weekend. It comes out roughly half price and is well below the rates at much lesser accommodations. The rate for racers is $75 USD pp including breakfast!
The New London Inn is top notch. Call or email the front desk and ask for Mindy. She is expecting us.

The launch point at the end of Soonipi Rd has plenty of parking and we will provide a grill. Please try to bring something to cook and or drink. This is a self sponsored impromptu event, but those are often the best. Pray for wind!
If you do not have a wing or a sled, just bring yourself or your windsurfing rig. We will provide some demo wings, a Snowfer for windsurfers, and a Uniboard for kite sailors interested in something very cool & different.
Come on down (or up) and celebrate one of winter's last & best weekends!


p.s. PLEASE help to pass this around. If I were any good at internet marketing, I might be in a different line of work.
p.s. again if you want to add maps & pictures - feel free.

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