Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WING Surfing: Lake Sunapee, 14-15 March 2009 update

Hi All

Tour du Lac NOR

Skippers meeting at 1PM vicin Soonipi Park 14MAR SAT. 3 races constitute regatta, after five races throw out high scores. Tour Sun 15MAR TBA by local sailors.

Bring your own prize. You bring something for the prize table; winners get first pick. Beer, picks, spare tips, rip stop repair tape, wax, etc. Copies of rules provided for perusal, no protests allowed. Pissed off sailors will be allowed to sulk with therapeutic beer.

Predictions are sunshine and W winds. Sat building to 15mph and Sunday diminishing but still up to 10 mph. Suspect surface will be transformed corn skis prevail.

Rain is predicted Sunapee this Wed and then cold, but predicted temps for week end in the upper thirties in sunshine so any ice will be soft and likely not so good for blades.

Recommend heavy rill job and edge tune. Use lots of wax. Flouros if you got em.

See you there,

Dicky Saltonstall

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