Tuesday, December 20, 2011

MUST - the New Winter Sailing Device

This has actually happened! After 30 years of winter sailing and racing in variety of venues and conditions our group of enthusiasts and champions have finally decided to combine our knowledge and skills to design and build a universal and affordable device suitable to anyone.

  • MUST is designed for speed: it is stable and comfortable as on the ice as on the deep snow.
  • MUST is designed for race: it may be tuned to any conditions and the sportsman's liking.
  • MUST is designed for style: it allows carving sharp jibes and tacks, may dance on a very limited spot.
  • MUST is designed for you: if you have standard windsurfing rig for the summer, you may hop on and sail all winter long. We can fit the MUST individually for you!
MUST, the winner of WISSA 2011 "Design of the Year" award will be available for rent at the Championship of the Europe in Finland, 2012

- Vadim Volotskoi

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